Reasons to Attend a National Conference

Most settings for the delivery of healthcare services, such as practices, hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers, are dealing with several challenges on a regular basis. Some may make attendance at national conferences seem out of reach. Cutting costs is a major obstacle. Shortages of nurses and other qualified professionals are also an issue. When the hospital is struggling to remain fully staffed and incurring overtime expenditures, does it make sense to send someone in a key position away for several days?

Worth the Investment

The main concern regarding traveling to a conference is whether the time, effort, and money will provide a high return on the investment. If the information presented at the conference is designed to meet challenges facing the industry in a concise manner, the gains will be higher than the expenditures. That is an excellent reason to attend. Education that is immediately applicable to operational procedures is another reason not to miss a national conference. So, how can decision makers determine if the conference is worth the investment?

Past Reactions

Most conferences are held annually. That means there will be information regarding overall satisfaction ratings of previous attendees, past agendas, and information on the quality of each session and speaker. Before considering registration do a bit of research on the conference. Enter the title as keywords and review a few of the websites included in the results.

Ask colleagues who have been to the conference what to expect. Find out if it was worth the time and money to their setting. Some conferences are more applicable to large delivery centers than small practices, or the reverse may be true.

Review Agenda Details

Rather than just skimming a brochure or website, read descriptions carefully. The titles of sessions may appear impressive, but unless details are available there is no way to be confident information will meet current and future challenges. If details are not offered, ask questions. The opportunity to do that is typically available in a few ways, such as email, live chat, or telephone.

Instead of placing an emphasis on any issues of attending, explore all the benefits of participating in a conference. Start at and discover the possibilities an education-focused conference can improve patient care and service delivery.